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Because every piece carries a precious story

My History

After 22 Years working as a Diamond Setter for the largest jewelry stores in the world, in New York City, on 47th st (Diamond District), I see over the years, companies cutting costs with pre-set jewelry and decreasing the quality of the jewelry. Many jewels on the market today are made in series and are not unique as they once were.

My jewelry is handmade setting and in this way, we maintain the tradition of pieces treated like fine jewelry.

My passion is to see the final piece with the quality it deserves.

We believe in jewelry as an expression of self.

We make high-quality, handcrafted jewelry for over two decades, having the same passion and values!

Choose from thousands of loose moissanite in various shapes, sizes, and characteristics and make your moment unique and unforgettable.

What is Moissanite?

Born from Stars!

Moissanite was discovered by Dr. Henry Moissan. Its origin to particles derived from meteors fallen from space. Its natural (silicon carbide) mineral, the world’s most brilliant gem, surpasses diamond in both fire and brilliance or the measure of sparkle visible to the human eye. Lab-grown in the USA.

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WMelo Jewelry guarantees that the Forever One by C&C gems will remain brilliant for a lifetime


Forever One stone is luxurious. It is the perfect gemstone for those who are seeking quality, beauty, and value.


A conflict free, socially, and environmentally choice for fine jewelry.


Free Shipping, fully insured and Easy Returns.